Beer Regulators

Our gas regulators come in many standard configurations for use with CO2 and Nitrogen. Custom configurations are available to meet your specific requirements.

About Our CO2 Draft Beer Regulators:

If you have a draft beer system or are thinking about purchasing a draft beer system, you already know how import beer keg regulators are to that system. Nitrogen beer regulators or co2 regulators are essential to controlling the flow from the keg to the faucet. These regulators give you the ability to control the pressure of the gas released from the tank you are using. Equipped with a gauge that shows you how much pressure is being used in dispensing the beer or a pair of gauges that will tell you how much gas is left in your system, if you are going to dispense beer, you need a beer regulator.

You have your choice of two different types of regulators: CO2 regulators and nitrogen regulators. We carry a variety of different gauges and the accessories required to install them in your draft beer system, including plugs and secondary regulators that might be required if you need different levels of pressure in different products in your system. It is important to note that some products will require a specific type of regulator. Guinness, for example, requires a nitrogen regulator or CO2 regulators with an adapter made for nitrogen.

We provide a wide variety of configurations, including custom configurations, just in case you need a solution that the standard options do not provide. You will find no better products for keeping the right pressure in your draft beer system. Even if you want to run up to four kegs off of the same gas tank, we have the equipment you need to make it happen, affordably. Check out our full line of beer regulators and related products!