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Cold Flow Trunkline - 1/4" I.D. - 4 Products/2 Glycol Lines

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Ultra Flow insulated bundles are comprised of flushable tubes, each color coded and individually
numbered, and red/blue-colored. Coolant tubes strategically placed and designed to provide optimum
cooling. A tear-resistant aluminized film wrap over the group of tubes further enhances the insulating
properties of the 3/4” thick tubular foam sleeve. A black extruded jacket with slip agent to minimize
friction is branded with product identification, NSF listing marks, and footage counter marks.




BTUs 6.3
Product Lines 4
Product I.D. 1/4"
Glycol Lines 2
Glycol I.D. 3/8"
Black Extruded Jacket Yes
Bundle O.D. 2-3/4"
Restriction per Foot .30lbs
Beer per 50ft 15oz

Trunkline is cut to order and is non-returnable
BTU/HR/FT is based on an ambient temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a glycol mix of 40% glycol/60% water